Trying to decide if you should keep the lash strips or invest in lash extensions? - Lavish Blink
At Lavish Blink, we specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions that accent your natural beauty. Our stylist is Xtreme Lashes® certified and highly skilled with professional eyelash extension application. She will ensure that you receive the highest quality of application with a lash design that is customized to fit the shape and style of your eye. We use premium quality Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions that come available in various combinations of length, thickness and curl. When applied they create a “Lavish Blink” that is visibly fuller and darker along your lash line. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are extremely lightweight, which makes them feel natural & very comfortable for everyday wear, without damaging your real lashes. At Lavish Blink, we not only focus on meeting your beauty needs, we also focus on providing amazing customer service & a soothing atmosphere that allows you to take a break from everyday life! Are you ready for your Lavish Blink?
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Trying to decide if you should keep the lash strips or invest in lash extensions?

I get this question all of the time!  What if I told you, you need both! Yep, that’s right!  You need lash strips, but you need lash extensions even more!  I know you’re probably asking yourself, why do I need both? Here’s why:  Professional lash extensions not only enhance your beauty, they are 100% healthier for your natural lashes.  In addition, they save you time in the morning & take away the horrible hassle of putting on strip lashes every single day.  And if you’re anything like I am, I know you would love to add 15-20 minutes to your daily beauty routine. In mean, that 15-20 minutes gives you more time to grab your favorite Starbucks coffee/drink on the way to work, right? 😊

And yes, you absolutely need to keep 2 pairs of your favorite lash strips handy at all times!  Especially for those times when you have a last minute event coming up and didn’t get to make your lash appointment!  Yes SIS, I want you to stay LAVISH at all times, so you can’t be caught without those lashes. So there is nothing wrong with wearing strip lashes when you absolutely need to.  Just please don’t wear them daily because you won’t have any lashes to lash when you come get your fill. 😊   

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