About - Lavish Blink
At Lavish Blink, we specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions that accent your natural beauty. Our stylist is Xtreme Lashes® certified and highly skilled with professional eyelash extension application. She will ensure that you receive the highest quality of application with a lash design that is customized to fit the shape and style of your eye. We use premium quality Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions that come available in various combinations of length, thickness and curl. When applied they create a “Lavish Blink” that is visibly fuller and darker along your lash line. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are extremely lightweight, which makes them feel natural & very comfortable for everyday wear, without damaging your real lashes. At Lavish Blink, we not only focus on meeting your beauty needs, we also focus on providing amazing customer service & a soothing atmosphere that allows you to take a break from everyday life! Are you ready for your Lavish Blink?
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At Lavish Blink, we specialize in all things Hair & Lashes!  We are your #1 source when it comes to 100% Virgin Hair Extensions and Semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  Over the years we have seen so many women from various walks of life that all have one thing in common… Can you guess what it is?  Yep, you’re right! A simplified beauty routine! Especially when it comes to their hair and eyelashes. So we decided to do the research for you & provide you with nothing but The BEST when it comes to hair and lashes!  We source our virgin hair extensions directly from hair temples in various countries to ensure we are providing the purest & highest quality on the market today! Our Lash Extensions are known to have a very natural look & last longer than our competitors. This is simply because we use premium quality Lash & Eyelash Extension products and we do not compromise when it comes to your natural lash health.  Your natural lash health is our #1 priority, so we don’t use any of the cheap stuff on your eyes or lashes! At Lavish Blink, we not only focus on meeting your beauty needs, we also focus on providing amazing customer service in a soothing & sanitary atmosphere that allows you to take a break from everyday life! Whether you’re a career woman, college student, a single mom with little time to look your best all of the time, or a bride to be that needs the perfect hair & lash extensions on your special day; Lavish Blink is guaranteed to meet if not exceed your needs.


Vaneshea “VEE’ Broadus, CEO
Double Certified Lash Artist/Natural Lash Specialist


My Name is Vaneshea (Vee) Broadus and I have always had a passion & love for beauty! I remember as a young girl, about 14;  I was the one who always styled everyone’s hair for special occasions or just a fun night out on the town. I know it may sound weird because I was young, but that’s right, everyone from family, friends & neighbors would come to me to for the perfect “hair-do,” Guess I had the juice! LOL!  So through life’s journey, I have the pleasure of experiencing some amazing hair extensions & then some not so great hair extensions.  I don’t want you to experience the “not great hair extensions.” Trust me, I know what it’s like to purchase and wear hair that just doesn’t last…  And I also know how the perfect hair-do with high quality hair extensions can make any woman feel beautiful!!  It’s time to say good-bye to your hair pains and trust me and my company; Lavish Blink to source you and your best friend(s) with the some of the best hair on the market! 😊  I stand strong behind each strand…

As an adult, I grew a strong love for lashes!!! “Lavish Lashes” of course! Something about them was mesmerizing and fascinating to me.  I loved the youthful look they give & the way you could create different looks simply by adding texture or volume to the lash line. And we all know a good lash can either make or break a slay.  And for my serious lash lovers, it can even make or break your day!  So in 2016 I got trained, then became licensed & here I am today; Lashing and educating on the #1 beauty service in the world.  I am also a Nurse of 8 years, so I practice with a different level of care & compassion than some other lash stylist do.  I’m not only going to make sure you look & feel good when you leave the shop. I am going to handle your natural lashes with love so they stay healthy.  And as a bonus, I am also going to make sure you get the VIP service & experience you deserve when you come to Lavish Blink.  If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to stop by and come meet the woman behind the brand!  I’d love to meet you!

Crystalin “Crysi” Williams